Lucky Patcher APK V8.7.1 [2020] Download for Android

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Are you looking for the latest version of lucky Patcher Apk for Android? The demand of lucky patcher is continuously increasing day by day. That is why I thought to write a detailed article on Lucky Patcher.

At the same time, You will be also able to download various versions from This article is going to be quite long but at the same time it will also be very fun.

With this, you will get to know many new things related to Lucky patcher. So without wasting much of your time, let us start this topic today.

What is Lucky Patcher Apk

Lucky Patcher is a very popular and heavily used Android app cum tool. It will prove to be helpful for you in many ways. With this help, you can edit your Android apps and games very easily. In addition, you can block ads, alter permissions, bypass license verification, modify apps and patch them.

Lucky Patcher 2020 latest version 8.7.1 Download for Android

Whenever we use an app or play a game, we see ads in it again and again. We have a lot of trouble because of them, right? You have to spend some money to remove ads, but with the help of Lucky patcher, you can remove them very easily.

The best thing is that it occupies very little space, around 8.24 Mb, in your phone and it is absolutely free. It is available in many different languages for your better experience. Google has not kept this app in its Playstore because Lucky Patcher helps you to use premium apps for free. App developers do not make money from this.

Lucky Patcher App Features

Remove Ads: If you are very upset due to ads and want to get rid of this, then you must use Lucky Patcher. Because with the help of Lucky Patcher Apk, you can remove all of the ads from any android app, Interesting Right?

Remove In-App Purchase: If you do not have sufficient amount of money to invest in any premium app, you can easily remove the in-app purchase just by doing some modification in Lucky Patcher.

Modify Games: If you are a game lover and want to enjoy the features of unlimited access to every item, download this app once and you will be able to get free coins, free gems and much more by modifying the game.

*NOTE: Modifying a game may require root access to your device.

Alter Permissions: Some apps ask for some permissions and you have to allow them even if your don’t want. In this case you can alter all the permissions using the Lucky Patcher Apk for Android.

Lucky Patcher Download For Android

APK NameLucky Patcher
Size8.27 MB
Category Tools
Developed By ChelpuS
Required4.0 and above
Last Update5 April 2020

Lucky Patcher Apk Download V8.7.1 Latest

Important Notice For Lucky Patcher Users

Sometimes when you install Lucky patcher in your phone, then you get a warning from Google. Don’t be afraid guys, this is quite normal. Lucky patcher is not a virus, malware or untrusted file.

Millions of people are already using it. You just go to the play store and close the play protect option. After that this warning will not be seen.

How To Download & Install Lucky Patcher Apk

1: To install Lucky Patcher Apk on your phone, first of all you have to download it.

2: After downloading, go to your phone settings. There you will get the option of Unknown Sources under the privacy section. Turn it on.

3: Now, you can easily install Lucky Patcher on Android.

4: After you have installed the application, launch it and start modifying apps and games.

5: If you don’t know how to use Lucky patcher, I have shared a detailed guide on it. Scroll down and read the guide.

Lucky Patcher 2020 Full Video Tutorial Download and Install

Necessary Requirements

Lucky Patcher is a great editing tool and can help you a lot. But it will only happen when you fulfill the necessary requirements of this app. When all the requirements are met, you can show your talent and enjoy its amazing features.

  • The android version of your phone should not be below 2.33 gingerbred.
  • It requires minimum 2 GB RAM to work properly on your phone
  • The internal storage of your phone should be at least 8 GB if you want better results.
  • As I have mentioned that you can also use Lucky Patcher Apk Without Root. But if you use it on rooted device, you will see more amazing results.

Why Lucky Patcher Is Not In PlayStore?

Though it is an amazing as well as useful application, it is unavailable in Google Play Store. There are a few reasons behind it. As it is a tool for modifying and cracking apps, removing verification, disabling ads and more, this causes loss among developers. That is why Lucky Patcher is unavailable in PlayStore

How to Use Lucky Patcher Apk 2020

If you are a beginner and don’t know how to use Lucky Patcher then here I have something for you. I have written a detailed guide on actions you can take in Lucky Patcher Apk.

Remove License Verification With Lucky Patcher

First of all, you will need to download the application. You can download the latest version from and take further actions.

Then simply install it. If you want to know the installation process, make sure to read the guide on how to install lucky patcher apk that I have shared above.

Now it is the time to select the application you want to remove the license of. Simply search for the application and select it.

Open the tool options and there you will find ‘Remove License verification‘. There are various methods available to remove the license such as Auto mode, manual mode and so on.

First of all, go for the auto mode and wait untill the process is done. After that, launch the app and check if the license is removed or not.

If this method does not work, try the another method called manual mode. Do the same thing with this mode and check for the license. You have to keep checking using different methods until the license is gone.

FAQ of Lucky Patcher Apk

Is using lucky patcher illegal?

Lucky Patcher is nothing but just an app or tool, whatever you say it. That is the reason that it is not basically illegal. However, the work that this application does such as free in-app purchases, removing license verification etc are illegal.

Does lucky patcher harm your device?

Many people think that using Lucky Patcher may harm your device or data but it is not more than a rumor. Your device and your private data on different apps are totally safe with this app. It neither damages your device nor your private data.

What is the work of Lucky patcher?

Lucky Patcher basically inspects the applications that are installed on your device and gives advice to carry out some actions that could be beneficial for you. It also helps you to remove the License verification of the apps that you have downloaded from Google Play store and modifies the associated permissions, Then it extracts the APK.

Can I use lucky patcher without root?

Yes, of course. You can definitely use Lucky Patcher without rooting your device. But if your device is rooted then it can make the required changes by itself. But if you don’t root your device then you have to do it manually. First of all you have to generate a patched apk of the required app using Lucky Patcher. Then replace the installed app with the patched one by uninstalling the old one and installing the new one.

What games does Lucky patcher work on 2020?

It is nearly impossible to use Lucky Patcher on each and every app or game because every app or game is different from one another. But still it works on many games and apps. Whether you will able to get what you want or not, it totally depends on your luck. That’s why it is named as “Lucky” Patcher. There are few games that can be patched by using Lucky Patcher.
2. Zombie Scrapper
3. Stick War: Legacy
4. Tower Madness 2: 3D Defense
5. Age of wind 3
6. Zombie Highway 2 etc.


Lucky Patcher is undoubtedly an amazing application for cracking apps and games. Whenever you need unlimited money, coins, gems or you want to get rid of ads and permissions, you can go for Lucky Patcher Apk.

Disclaimer – is a free resource website. We are not associated with the developers of the Lucky Patcher application. The tutorials on this site are for educational purposes only and may include links to third-party websites or services that are not owned or controlled by us. Users are strongly encouraged to read the terms and conditions along with the privacy policies of any third-party website or services that they visit and use at their own risk.

This was a detailed article on Lucky patcher and I hope you loved it. Download it from here and enjoy modifying apps and games.

If you Want Video “How To Install Lucky Patcher 2020” go up and watch full free Tutorial.

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